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About Us

Our Core

Three leaders, combining years of in the trenches experience in

  • a) TV/radio/print production & marketing  
  • b) small business acquisition, turnaround, building
  • c) forming for-profit wings for consistent non-profit revenue
  • d) ethical investment & financial planning for business & personal
  • e) boutique publishing supporting authors & retailers
  • f) ongoing training in holistic health modalities; intuition & psi development; true physics & Natural Law; timeless wisdom teachings
  • g) ongoing training in human nature, communication, encouraging spiritual growth & mind/subconscious potential

When we combine with you, we all bring our unique piece of the puzzle to create greater reach, impact, benefit & results for those actively wanting to improve their mind, spirit, wallet, body, life…Life



image of golden puzzle pieces on a darker background indicating Vanadis Media finding holistic and spiritual business owners marketing

Who You Are

We decided that we wanted to pool our talent, experience, wisdom & the areas where we are constant student –

To use those synergies to deliberately build the world we want to live in.

A world where people are safe in their own minds.  Where their body is thriving, according to the laws of Nature. 

Where they are filled with Life and Love – so it overflows out to every inch of their experience. 

Where they nurture their soul, their roots, so that every aspect within them is whole, balanced, healthy, happy. 

That, in turn, bears the fruit of a full, rich, life by every interaction, deed, thought & belief.

Where people understand that money is a form of energy – everything is a form of energy – and our relationship to, with, it transforms evil & darkness into Life power & benefit

Where people are developing their First Languages – that of our intuition, our internal communication skills – how it works, growing & increasing, so Truth is foremost, from the inside – out.

What Has That Got To Do With You?

You are an integral piece, a vital component, of bringing these things to tangibility & results.

You know, deep in your soul, that you are a part of this dynamic wholeness – and you devote your time, focus, energy, business, actions to that effect.

We are all about you – shaping around you so that we augment everything you already rock – because together we can do anything we believe in.

We believe in those we seek to work with – because we believe we can build that world of healthy, vibrant, alive, thriving people (& animals…)

On the hunt for your expertise

We don’t take work for hire – we’re exceptionally choosy about the people, service providers, modalities, ideas & ideals we want to augment.

Since the point is finding, successfully delivering, impactful solutions to those seeking help – we are determined to find the absolute best.

We develop our own solution providers by our direct experience with them, or by specific referral from someone we trust.  

These people needing solutions are bombarded with frauds, wanna-be’s, newbie ‘just read a book about this & bought a marketing funnel’ lightweights.  They are surrounded by sales messages, marketing manipulation.  They are hoodwinked by, even some well intentioned, people who are nutjobs.  (you know the ones…)

We will not, in any way, be that.  We cherish the ones who want more, who want to heal & develop & grow and be alive.  We choose who we work with to help make that happen for these people.

“We’re crazy enough to believe we can be a vital part of healing the world, get back on pace with our human internal evolution & greatness, by using the open secrets Life & Nature gladly share, & working with others who align with that necessity – because we can’t think of any better way to spend our days

Can you?