About Privacy, Opting-In and Out, Controlling Your Information

Unlike sites that track your every move, needing privacy and information disclosure pages that are a small novel, written in lawyer-speak –

Like most other things, we do business a bit differently.

Our privacy policy is easy.  We don’t track you.  We don’t follow you around and know every site you visit and what competitors products you look at. We don’t really have competitors, and if we did – your browsing is your business.  We are pretty confident we stand as a singular choice.

…which leads to something like:

When you engage with us, either from your own discovery, a referral, or an invitation from one of our producers – and you give us your contact information, that’s personal.  You trust us to use your phone, your messenger handle, your email or other means of being in touch.  We don’t take that lightly.  All of your contact information is stored – as humanly best we can in today’s world – on a secure server.  We don’t sell it, or sell you out.  We don’t gather your information as an excuse to bombard you with ‘affiliate’ offers. That model of hawking products and services having nothing to do with us just so we can make a few bucks off of you – it doesn’t work for us.  We don’t like it when it happens to us- so we don’t do that to you.  No one gets your contact information but us.  

And, with that information – we do notify you about what we are doing.  We do ask you questions from time to time about how you are doing.  There is communication that goes out to you (and, if we’ve done our relationship job right, comes back to us from you).

If, at any time at all, you want us to shut up, vanish off the face of the earth, leave you alone, and forget we knew you – well, we’ve actually never had that strong a request.  Okay, there was that one time, but he had us confused with a very different site.  In each means of communication there are easy ways to say ‘please, don’t’.  We get very sad when someone says goodbye, we hate that part, but often it’s for the best anyway.  If we aren’t being welcomed and of benefit, we don’t belong in your communication stream.  If you want to globally opt out of everything, use your preferred means of interacting with us, let us know that, and as soon as we find out – consider it done.

When we do have a product or service, we let you know, first, and with the ‘thing’, that there are terms, conditions, items to know and to be aware of.  We let you know, specifically, like humans do if we were sitting in a room together discussing it.  We don’t have global terms and conditions because there is nothing we do which is global.  We are a highly custom shop, and we do very little direct engagement with masses of people at a time.

If you really miss the 7,423 pages of disclosures and terms and conditions and want a more convoluted privacy policy – we could probably get one of our lawyers to draw one up for you.  They live for that kind of thing.

Unless you are okay with this, just us letting you know how we work?